1.Flexo Printing

Our Flexo Printing has capability from 12 micron to 400 micron for both film and paper printing.
And we can print upto 10 colour with the option of inline die-cut and decoration of cold foil and silk screen.
Both water based and UV based ink can be used.

2.Laminate Tube (ABL and PBL, Round and Oval)

Capable of producing both ABL (Aluminun Barrier Laminate Tube) and PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate Tube).
We offer fast developed and timely supply with diameter from the range of dia 25 to dia 50.
Multiple options of diameter, length, caps and top seal are available.



◆top-sealed opening available

Diameter Cap Orifice ABL PBL
φ25 Screw φ3.0 φ5.0 φ7.8
φ28 Screw φ3.0 φ5.0 φ7.8  
φ30 Screw φ3.0 φ5.0 φ7.8  
φ35 Screw φ1.5 φ3.0 φ5.0 φ7.8
Hinge φ1.5 φ3.0 φ5.0 φ7.8
φ40 Hinge φ1.5 φ3.0 φ5.0  
φ50 Hinge φ1.5 φ3.0 φ5.0  


Diameter Cap Orifice ABL PBL
φ23 Screw φ4.7  
φ30 Screw φ1.5 φ3.0 φ5.0  

3.Plastic Injection

Our Plastics Injection mainly provide caps and closures for laminate tube with highly energy saving machine with auto dosing , hot runner, and auto closure for caps.
Thanks to the flexibility of our mold, you can choose both matt and glossy type for caps and many choices of orifice.